Dpack offers the best quality Cam Buckles that are mostly used in warehousing to secure the stacked cargo in the warehouse to avoid any kind of damage to the cargo. We offer steel cam buckles and metal spring buckles for light & medium-duty needs and can be repositioned and reused as well. Cam buckles are most often used to safely secure fragile cargo. These fine quality cam buckles are made with rigid teeth that grab into the strap material and hold on tight. We offer Cam buckles in various sizes: 25 mm MS Buckle 25 mm Zinc Buckle 50 mm Zinc + MS buckle” with “A variety of components determine the ultimate strength and quality of your composite strapping. Even within the same widths, there can be a huge difference in linear breaking strength. The amount of polyester fibers, type of fibers (round or flat), and raw materials used for the coating determine the linear breaking strength and flexibility of the strap. As indicated earlier, composite strapping is available in a wide variety of strengths and sizes. Always check with your supplier what the strength is of their composite strapping systems.

Uses of Cam Buckles

  • Cam buckles are used to secure various types of cargo and come in various sizes from 1″ on up to 4″ widths. The ratchet strap comes with many fittings: j-hook with d-ring, s-hook, and vinyl coated wire hooks. Polyester webbing is used for cargo securement because of its low stretch rate. It’s also very abrasion-resistant.

    How to use

    To thread a ratchet strap, first open your ratchet a little bit so you have access to the take up spool. Now you slide the strap through the spool and bring it right back around on itself. At this point, pull on the strap to remove the excess slack. Once all the slack is removed you can start to ratchet to the tension you want, keeping the strap straight. Once you have reached your desired tension, lock the ratchet down in its closed position. To release the strap, open the ratchet all the way so it lays completely flat. Once it is flat, is in the release position. Go ahead and pull your strap out.

    In some cases you may not need the strength of a ratchet strap. In those cases you would use a cam buckle.

    Cam straps come with various fittings: butterfly fittings, e-track fittings, f-track hook and spring e-fittings, handlebar straps with s-hooks, flat snap hooks and s-hooks.

    Cam buckles typically come in 1″ and 2″ sizes.


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