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We offer woven strapping rolls which are utilized as a part of bundling and logistic divisions.These are tear-resistant and these are perfect for packing cargo, banding as well as load securing in the container.

Uses of Woven Straps

  • Strapping, also known as bundling and banding, is the process of applying a strap to an item to combine, stabilize, hold, reinforce, or fasten it. The strap may also be referred to as strapping. Strapping is most commonly used in the packaging industry.
  • Polywoven strap is made up of polyester fibers that are woven together. Its strength comes from the way the fibers are woven in a multi-directional pattern, weaving both horizontally and vertically. The composition of polywoven strap allows it to have flexibility while providing good tension on rigid loads. The woven material provides slight elongation of the strap, helping it absorb some of the shock and impact during transit while still maintaining its position.
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